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My Franchise with BillPlant

Perhaps you are about to join Bill Plant and you are wondering if this is the right franchise for you .

Well let me tell you my experience with Bill Plant.

After being an independent Driving Instructor for more then 2 years , I decided (after work was really quiet) to give Bill Plant a go, thinking that I am going to save my self from paying insurance premiums , advertising + car costs. I gave Bill Plant a call and all good, Jake call me back and told me that my area is really busy and they need Instructors. The forms come through the post quick and I had to pay one week franchise fee as deposit . My date to go and collect the car it was in 3 weeks time, and I wouldn’t have to pay any franchise for the first 2 weeks plus I had a 15 pupils quarantee. If in the first 2 weeks I wouldn’t have 15 pupils then I wouldn’t pay any franchise until 15- so that’s 15 pupils. They open my diary 2 weeks before I had to go and collect the car, and i had about 6 pupils in all this time , all booked in the office .

Time came to go and pick up the car all away to Harrogate . I had to be there at 10am, so I had to leave house about 5 o’clock in the morning going from Birmingham. Once there  we had an Induction Course with Paul the manager , wich to be honest was really boring and a lot of advice and how to do our job.   My feeling from all that induction was that they were a big bunch of cowboys, telling us that they are financially strong and the third driving school in the uk. Anyway at 5 o’clock time came to get our cars and we were repeatably told that if we had any problems with the car not to call Sue- the fleet manager- as we had all the numbers we need in our packs.So don’t call Sue – ok no problem then don’t mention her.

I left and on monday I started my new job with Bill Plant. In the next 2 days I had 9 pupils coming from I don’t know were, so basically I now had 15 pupils and I was due to pay franchise as a text message from the office was telling me. But 5 of these pupils never even had the first lesson with was free. I rang the office to explain and they said that they gave me 15 leads so the franchise is payable. I  clearly said that from leads I won’t make any money to pay the franchise but they didn’t wanna know. So I was doing 5 lessons for 56 and running all over Birmingham as i was covering the whole Birmingham, spending lots on petrol and doing 10 lessons a week and I had to start paying the franchise- wich I didn’t and simply return the car back and done.

So 15 pupils quarantee is 15 enquires from wich you should pay your franchise.


I have just had an email from Bill Plant now to say that I must pay £2700 as I didn’t give 3 months notice and therefor I have to pay 3 months worth of franchise. How good is it to have a driving school . Easy money. This is the email

REF: Outstanding Balance £2,702.00

As you are no longer a Franchisee of Bill Plant Ltd, we would appreciate settlement of the attached invoice within 14 days.

If you would like to discuss a payment plan please call the Bill Plant Accounts office on 01765 643375 or 01765 643377.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Gemma McFadden


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